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Dimmy's Earl Grey

Slightly floral and slightly fruity makes Dimmy's take on an Earl Grey perfect all on it own for a morning kick me off, or afternoon revival.

Containing sweet orange peel and blue cornflowers, this Earl Grey doesn't just look pretty, but it tastes pretty good too!

Contains approximately 25 serves

Loose leaf tea- French Earl Grey

A beatifully floral and aromatic Earl Grey, the French Earl Grey will have you drifting off to Paris in a sip.

Contains Organic Earl Grey tea leaves with a delightful combination of red rose petals, blue and purple cornflower, its not just pretty but tastes delightful and super fresh. 

Contains approximately 25 serves

Loose leaf tea- Glow blend

A delicious herbal blend that is caffeine free making it perfect for any time of the day. Especially enjoyable for a morning burst of energy, or a pick me up throughout the day.

Perfect made into an iced tea by first making on boiling water then chilling. Refreshing and healthy!

Contains lemongrass, ginger, calendula and hibiscus.

Contains approximately 25 serves

Loose leaf tea- Honeybush chai

A relative of Rooibos, Honeybush is an African bush that tastes naturally of honey!

Contains approximately 25 serves

Loose leaf tea- Moonbi Mint

Our take on Moroccan mint, named after our beautiful village. Delightfully vibrant and fresh, this green tea and mint combo is a winner.

Contains spearmint, peppermint and green tea.

To make simply brew 1tsp per cup boiling water (around 85degrees is actually perfect) and steep for 3-5 minutes.  Also lovely as an iced tea!

Pack contains 60g which is around 25 serves. 

Loose leaf tea- Organic Ceylon Black Tea

Organic black Ceylon tea leaves BOP. A beautifully fresh and aromatic black tea, the perfect staple and delightful throughout the day. 

Loose leaf tea- Organic Earl Grey

Organic Earl Grey tea leaves BOP. Beautifully fresh, perfectly refreshing, and the delightful citrus aromas make this tea delicious throughout the day.

Contains 50g

Loose leaf tea- Original Chai

 A delicious tea made from organic ingredients, in small batches and blended from scratch.

Dimmy Tea's Original Chai is a widely loved black tea blend with 7 spices, Ceylon tea leaves and rose petals. The spice blend is mellow and smooth and not overpowering like some other chai blends. It is a loose leaf tea which has no added sugar, no artificial ingredients and no powders.

100% delicious and perfect black, with milk or as an iced tea! A great all-round favourite!

Loose leaf tea- Relax blend

Just the way to wind down in the afternoon or before bed, this dreamy blend will have you relaxed and renewed in no time. Containing a delicious blend of herby, floral notes and no caffiene, 'relax and renew' will soon become your favourite way to wind down.

Contains premium organic chamomile, lemon balm,  lavender and red rose petals.

Contains approximately 25 serves

Loose leaf tea- Vanilla Rooibos Chai

 A delicious, loose leaf tea that is caffiene free. 

Dimmy Tea's Vanilla Rooibos is a favourite amongst those who love a caffiene free option with all the flavour of a chai. It has a spice blend that is toned down to allow the beautiful flavours of the rooibos and the vanilla pod to shine through.

A delicious tea with or without milk, lovely sweetened with honey or coconut sugar and great with all dairy and dairy free milk options (almond milk is our fav!)

Contains approximately 25 serves


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