Apiwraps- Kitchen Must Haves!!

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Apiwraps, The Natural Way To Keep Your Food Fresh

Say NO to plastic


YES to healthy, waste-free living

Beeswax food wraps will revolutionize your kitchen!


The Kitchen Basics pack

The Kitchen Basic Pack gives you a great selection with the small, medium and large beeswax food wraps. Saving the planet and keeping you healthy at the same time.

The small beeswax food wrap is great for kids left overs, just pop in over the bowl of half eaten snack and you can pull it out next time they say ‘I’m hungry’. We love food and hate waste! The medium and large apiwraps are great for lunch boxes because they can wrap any size snack. Just keep wrapping! Apiwraps are soft and pliable and seal very easily, meaning they won’t come undone and lose their contents in a lunch box.

The small beeswax food wraps is also great for half an avocado, half a lemon or wrapping slices of cheese to go with crackers in a snack box. 

The medium beeswax food wrap is the right size for; a wedge of parmesan cheese, left overs on a plate or a small little kids sandwich (when it’s halved and put one on top of the other!) 

The large apiwrap is so useful we couldn’t even list everything here! Wrapping herbs and veggies keeps them from spoiling. The secret is that it seals them up so they don’t dry out in the fridge, but they can still breathe – genius! It means your veggies will last that much longer – no more shriveled mushrooms! It’s also the perfect size for grown up sandwiches and wraps, big clocks of cheddar, and wedges of watermelon.


The Apiwrap Full Set

Small, medium, large and XL ready to keep your food fresh over and over again. You can easily slip Apiwraps into your daily routines so you’ll never even miss cling wrap!

Wash with soap and water and use them again and again. Apiwraps are made in Australia from top quality Australian beeswax. Choose your favourite design collection and be the change you want to see in the world.


Lunch Call

Three large Apiwraps ready to get your lunch boxes on track and waste free. The large Apiwraps are our most popular size and that’s why we have a pack of them ready to go directly into use in your home. Use them for sandwiches, wrapping big blocks of cheese, covering salad bowls and more.


Cheese Lover Pack

A pack of two smalls and a medium, perfect for covering small pieces of cheese, cut veggies and lunch box snacks. Having a collection of little Apiwraps is essential for every kitchen, saving cling wrap over and over again. Cheese keeps particularly well in beeswax, as it has traditionally for generations.


Celery Wrap

The extra-large Apiwrap is enormous! Big enough to wrap a celery and keep it fresh and crisp for weeks in the bottom of the fridge – a must have if you’ve ever forgotten the celery was there… Also great for a bunch of silverbeet, a head of lettuce or to cover a cheese platter before a party – so many uses.


Sandwich Wrap

One large Apiwraps beeswax wrap ready to wrap your sandwiches again and again for over a year. Give it a quick rinse and wash and let it dry on the rack for tomorrow’s lunch. Your large Apiwraps can also be used for so many other jobs too – covering salad bowls, keeping herbs in the fridge and big blocks of cheese too!



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