Elegant Personal Pieces

Personally selected by The OBG Co's owner CJ - the Elegant Personal Pieces Collection offers a range of beautifully made products. 

This collection offers you the opportunity to make your gifts to yourself and others unique, sophisticated and elegant.

The stylish, practical and genuinely made leather handbags and wallet from the Australian Juju & Co. Juju & Co are a female lead company with a focus on supporting women within the business and beyond. They provide employment & funding to marginalised women or women in underrepresented spaces. At Juju & Co they are committed to reducing environmental footprints and only work with people that share these same values. At Juju & Co, they believe in ethical manufacturing. This means treating the factory workers with humanity and respect, and paying workers a fair wage. They visit our manufacturers regularly and have close working relationships with their family owned factories.

The handmade and ethically sourced Featherdale Earrings and Hat Pins - unique - one of a kind pieces. Featherdale was born through a love of the bush, an appreciation of natures beauty and ethical fashion. Laura runs Featherdale from the farm in Caloola NSW where she and her husband Aaron house their menagerie of farm animals, including her beautiful guineafowl, Turkeys and colourful peacocks. Every pair of one-of-a-kind earrings, hat pins, hair pins and brooches is handcrafted on the farm by Laura. Laura's Mum Sue also makes earrings from her home to help out. All feathers used are collected ethically from natural moulting, either from birds on the farm or from farms of friends and family. Each feather is sanitised and crafted into a unique pair of earrings. Featherdale is the only feather earring business in NSW that is State Government licensed to sell ethically sourced native Australian feather earrings. 

Pastiche - premier, luxurious jewellery designed and owned in Australia. Embrace your inner beauty with unique, bespoke Australian-inspired jewellery designs. You deserve to wear unique, bespoke jewellery designs that celebrate your individuality. Crafted from the very best materials, each of our jewellery is made to last and will help you embrace your inner beauty.

6 products

6 products